Faela @ NationalGeographic.com!!!

Faela! was recently featured on the National Geographic website, in the WorldMusic section, with a review of the performance at the Folkelarm 2011 in Oslo. Here’s what they had to say about us: “The Malmö-based fusion group Faela, with musicians from Chile, Argentina, Sweden, and Bosnia, was the big surprise Folkelarm finale in the amphitheater. The steaming room was jumping with delirious dancers who so clearly enjoyed the band’s riotous mix of Balkan and Latin beats, with heavy doses of funky ska-reggae bass lines and jazz horns. All the introspective aspects of Nordic folk music seemed to vanish with this thumping band who thought nothing of all collapsing on the floor as they continued to play their instruments, only to hop back up, while urging the crowds to sing along and wave in unison. Their concert lasted a solid hour and although it was late, no one was tired. The band is destined to gain fans on the international world music festival circuit.” See the full article here: National Geographic’s review of the Faela! performance at the 2011 Folkelarm.

(Photo: Cattis Maria Ahlgren)

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