Six musicians from Argentina, Bosnia, Chile and Sweden create their own, original Faela! sound through an explosive mix of styles.

The unique combination of the members´ personalities is reflected in Faela’s music and performances. Latin flirts with Balkan, and with the help of jazz, reggae and disco Faela! goes straight into the audience’s hearts. The band has made a big impression on the music scene since their formation in 2007 and the growing crowd of fans around the world proves that Faela! is irresistible.

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5 thoughts on “Press

  1. Hej. Jeg så jer i tirsdags i Villach. I var fantastiske og den bedste gruppe på festivalen. Tak for en fantastisk oplevelse for hele familien. Hvornår spiller I igen nær ved Malmø eller København.

  2. hello,
    how you are?
    I saw you last weekend in the city spectacle in landshut … on all 3 days! I was so huge and enthusiastic about you and listen without interruption since your two cd’s, hopefully gibts there are some!
    But why I am writing you is because I would like to dates when you once again have appearances in Germany Austria or Switzerland, or where can I find your dates!
    to see you again I do not care are the distances!
    you are simply the best


  3. Hoppsan nu blev det tokigt. Bokningsförfrågan hamnade hos er iställer för hos maestro. Kan wemastern vara så snäll att ta bort min förfrågan med datum etc. från replyfältet omgående.


    • Nina,
      Oroa dig inte, jag godkänner inte kommentaren. Du kan se det bara för att det är din egen kommentar. Och jag har vidarebefordrat din förfrågan till Edin @ Maestro Music.

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