The Music

The music of Faela! is an eclectic hybrid of many different cultural and musical influences. With band members coming from different countries and music styles, like jazz, folk, gipsy, balkan and latin, all contribute to the unique and explosive mixture that has made the band a recognized act in the european scene.

The mixure of rumba-gypsy-swing-cumbia-ompa with a touch of reggae style is energetic and energizing, with songs that speak of joy, sadness, madness, love for people, places, moments, and love for the music and lifestyle of the band, and it always get the audience to dance like maniacs at any shows and festivals they perform in. This is a number that you can’t watch without being sucked into the music and driven into dancing like crazy, so beware!

The songs are written in Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese, and even in Mowish, a language born from the imagination of Hugo and his love for the musicality of different languages. But don’t you mind if you don’t speak any of these, because seeing them live translates all the feelings and the passion into the universal language of dance and joy, so you will quickly and surely understand every word, and the songs will resonate in the dance hall, your ears, your head, your heart and your soul.

Faela! has published two original albums already, which are normally sold at the band shows, and can also be acquired through y Amazon. However, we must warn you that their music is best experienced live, so whenever you can, catch them at a festival or a show in a town near you!. You will be amazed!

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3 thoughts on “The Music

  1. Yours are great sounds. From a trombone player when I was young. Please come to Washington D.C. @ Tropicalia if in the area. The adrenaline sounds fabulous.

  2. Heute im Zermatterhof:
    Absolut mitreissend, einfach genial.
    Jungs, macht weiter so!

  3. Habe Faela voriges Jahr beim Straßenkunstfestivall in Villach gehört. Ich bin voll begeistert. Tolle Musik, toller Rythmus, tolle Musiker.
    Faela hat in Deutschland mehrere Konzerte. Wäre super wenn sie in Villach einmal ein Konzert geben würden.

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